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Mark, Larry I want my money…

November 7, 2012

I use Facebook, I use Google, do you? Probably.

If you do you will be used to seeing adverts and, as I am sure you know, the platforms (Google and Facebook) get paid for these, they get paid more when they are targeted at you by your web history and get paid even more if for some crazy reason you actually click on them.  Now, these companies don’t have many ways to make money so they must make quite a bit from these adverts.

How much? Click here to find out. Privacyfix is a Chrome add on, I should also point out at this juncture that it was Mark Masterson who showed me this, check out his blog here. So this site is interesting, its designed to encourage you  (via a bit of gameification (see below)) to lock down your social networks, and protect your privacy.

It does that. What it also does is tell you what your worth to Facebook and Google.  I am not worth much, I use Adblocker and don’t really want to share my life with the world through Facebook, so it’s locked down. But having asked a few people; Facebook can generate over £1000 from some people’s accounts.





Check out our poll and see where you fit.  With over a billion users that’s a lot of cash. Oddly enough Facebook don’t want to let go, Google are a bit less heavy-handed and let you change whatever you want (see below).

So my online identity has a clear monetary value. Mark, Larry, Anybody are you listening? Until I get something out of it I am keeping it locked down and nobody is making any money out of my identity. It’s my asset!


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  1. gemski permalink

    Its a no-brainer decision to lock down your information when only facebook and google make money from it – but if there were a quidco like site where you could earn cash from companies using your information, that would surely change people’s behaviour.

  2. Anon permalink

    Mark, I want my $0.04…

  3. anon permalink

    A fairly small $10.42 from Google and only $1.60 from Facebook! I am worth less than a cup of coffee to Mr Zuckerberg! For someone who isn’t particularly cautious with keeping trivial details away from social media, I thought I’d be worth more to the both of them…

    And I’m not sure if the author has seen this?

    It takes the binary element (you can either ‘like’/search something or not) out of big data in order to present a more sociological view of how we collect data; it’s pretty fluffy stuff and lacks sophisticated intellectual rigour but with a consulting hat on, I think that there’s a pretty clear path to commoditising the results. For example, the fact I ‘like’/search mountain biking and Harlequins RFC on Facebook/Google may be worth $x according to Privacyfix, but how much could it be worth to someone that I said on humanfaceofbigdata that I’d sooner save my photo albums from a house fire rather any jewellery? How long would it be until I started seeing “fireproof photo album” adverts all over Facebook?

    Another (less facetious) example, if you were to say that you thought you lived in a scary neighbourhood (another question on humanfaceofbigdata), how long before insurance companies could potentially leap on the fact that x% of people that live in your area thought that their neighbourhood/town/city was also unsafe? They could theoretically directly target customers by playing on micro-level, localised, relevant data….

    Now I’m off to speak to Larry, he owes me $10.42 worth of mountain bike spares and rugby tickets.

  4. OR
    You could just shut down Facebook, Goolge+ etc… and talk to people on the phone or in real life! My god think of that – people communicating with each other without the need of a Facebook Wall.

  5. Young consultants permalink

    @ Anon. some interesting points humanfaceofbigdata is surely already happening? Insurance companies putting black box in cars to see how fast you going….. your right though its only going to keep growing. Good or bad is hard to decide but things are changing…..

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