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Your Boss is best viewed using Netscape Navigator 3.0

January 15, 2013

As a young consultant, it is highly likely that you’re part of a cohort somewhat patronisingly/hopelessly labelled as Millennials by our esteemed elders. It is also quite likely that you spend a large part of your time in the office working with/for, learning from and perhaps managing a demographic with an average age of around 45, and that you will have noticed a marked difference in the working and communication style of these people when compared to your friends outside of work.

We (Millennials) are generally very good at dealing with and drawing from a deluge of information via an array of devices and platforms because that’s just how it’s been for a large part of our lives. We’re highly mobile and always online. And whilst we’re not quite digital natives, we’re the closest thing the working world’s got.

So, spare a thought for your boss/teammates/clients the next time they struggle to fully embrace the corporation’s social collaboration suite, appear flummoxed by the nuances of Google Drive or curse as the latest iteration of Lotus Notes dutifully crashes before them. It is often said that we are products of our respective environments, and this is what their online world was like a mere 15 years ago…

NB – Thanks to those who offered up their succinct reviews of these ancient company websites. All in good humour, of course!


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  1. wow, the internet used to a pretty unpleasant place.

    It’s a Shame for EY that Google put a stop to that 6k a year licence to print money (Ernie).. Looks like consulting used to be pretty easy. Damn that freedom of information

  2. slightly experienced demographic permalink

    Suggest an edit to your second paragraph; we Millennials are quite good at drawing conclusions based on information available to us online, rather than actual real life experience. Then wonder why those of a slightly experienced demographic do not respect our positions.

  3. A young Consultant permalink

    How you define real life experience in world that is becoming ever more digital and even theoretical is an interesting question.

    An interesting website is It uses crowd sourcing and gameificaiton to solve medical problems and it’s had real success . Foldit is a great example of Millennials with little life experience solving problems that the “slight more experienced demographic” just couldn’t get a handle on. The real life experience seemed like a huge inhibitor to innovative solutions.

    Although maybe all of this is just a great example of drawing conclusions from what’s on-line, I’m not sure if any of these ideas have got out of the lab and into real life yet but it sounds exciting!

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