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We are young consultants.

Collectively based across several firms, we aim to share some insider insight into embarking upon a career in the industry. We work across various services/sectors/niches (such as Management, Business and Technology Consulting) and write anonymously in order to maintain a non-partisan viewpoint, free from sector, specialism or employer/institutional bias or affiliation.

We are independent and the views reflected in this blog are entirely our own.

Whether you’re a colleague, someone considering a career in the industry, a more experienced peer, or even an unsuspecting friend/family member curious to explore the profession that we young consultants live and breathe, we hope through this blog to make you think a little, introduce you to some new ideas or simply prompt a laugh.

Part of our aim is to spark debate, and we’d love you to leave some comments and get involved.

If you have questions or contributions, please get in touch.